Why is tv continuously prior to coming on ?

40" LCD LN T 4061 F, continuously clicks prior to coming on, then clicking keeps going long & longer. What is problem & cost to have it fixed ?

Anonymous wrote

There are capacitors on the power Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that have blown on your TV. Some places will replace the entire power PCB; others will replace the capacitors with higher voltage ones — one fixes the problem, the other fixes the root of the problem. Call Samsung and have them refer you to a repair facility near you.


I’m sorry you are having an issue with your device. Although with the information you have provided I do not have a solution for you; I will say that if you make a service request at http://www.samsung.com/us/support/o…, or contact 800-SAMSUNG, the service department should be able to provide you with a live solution. 

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