Why doesn’t the added 3 month warranty show up under my account?

I registered my new TV only because I saw that you get an additional 3 months on the warranty. However, after I registered, under "warranty" when viewing my information it still only says, "Warranty: parts – 12 months, labor – 12 months"! Why doesn’t it indicate I now have a 15 month warranty? I feel as though I was duped into registering just so you can send me a bunch of junk in the mail that I don’t want! Any clarification would be really appreciated. Also, how can I indicate that I DO NOT want to ANY mailers or other materials sent to me through the mail?

Anonymous wrote

Thank you for calling Samsung. Yes, when you register a new product, you do receive a complimentary 3-month warranty extension. We wouldn’t advertise or promote this if the coverage wasn’t being honored. You can rest assured that you have this coverage.


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