What format and highest resolution is supported through DLNA

I have been testing the DLNA feature by converting a video into various formats. I’ve been trying to convert to mpeg4 but not sure what resolutions the TV will accept. So far it tells me resolution not supported. The manual on page 52 only talks about video and audio (only mp3?) formats it supports (which I find questionable). There are so many possible combinations that it would be great if there were some sample videos, clips of a minute or so, with video and audio format information. For example I have had some success with AVI files using divx and mp3 for sound. I would like to see a video in MPEG4/H.264 with MP3 audio work through the DLNA. Can I get 1920×1080 through DLNA? How? Is there a sample video I can download? Thanks CM

Anonymous wrote

Through DLNA, you should be able to view any resolution file as long as it is a file that is supported through the PC Share Manager and DLNA it self. All of the supported files in the user’s manual are correct and are actually supported by the TV. Since DLNA is not a Samsung created feature and is a 3rd party standard, I would not know or have the exact DLNA future format compatibility charts. I will send this request along to the proper channels and see if we can get something set up for DLNA.


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