What color is the bezel and stand exactly??

I keep seeing that the color for this model is a brushed titanium and I’ve also seen the LED UN55C8000 in person and it was labeled titanium as well. However is looks more of a silver or aluminum color and I can only find pictures online of the PN58C8000 and they all look black or a dark grey color. I really hope it is the same as the LED because I ordered the Plasma and really like the new "silver/aluminum" look. My unit doesn’t come in till a few more days so I was just wondering. Thanks!!

Ern11 wrote

The bezel is a dark grey like a graphite color on the PNC800. I went and looked at both of the models you are talking about. The base is however the silver brushed alluminum look like the bezel on the LED UN55C8000.


it’s like a textured titanium in color bezel that has a dark silver color in the light and almost black when it is dark in the room it compliments the t.v. very nicely. 

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