sound when you turn on and off the TV

Just a this tv for a week and every time we turn on or off the tv there is a sound ( like the windows shutting down ) This morning when we turn on there’s no more sound and just click like the regular thing when you turn on or off tv. Is this normal ? is there something wrong with it ? what can we do to have the sound back ?

berns wrote

if you go to the setting of the tv, you will go to the setting setup and there you will see "external Setting" and then your option melady


Usually, when you mute the TV, it will mute the on/off sound as well. In order to reactivate the chime, head into the TV’s menu, then into the Setup sub-menu. There you should see an option that says something along the line of "Melody", this is your on/off sound option. With this option, you can either turn off the sound completely or set it to a specific volume. I hope this helps you out. 

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