LN40B610A5FUZA More clarification please

I understand about the info box, when I turn my TV on, displaying the HZ signal that is coming into the TV and not the HZ after the TV processes it. What I don’t understand is why do my other Samsung TVs display 120HZ in the info box when I turn them on, and this TV shows 60HZ in the info box when I turn it on? Thank you.

Anonymous wrote

As stated before, the Samsung 2009 TVs will only accept a 60Hz signal. That said, if you are referring to a Samsung DLP TV in your question, then most likely that will accept and display a 120Hz signal in the infobox. However, Samsung does not produce DLP units any longer and has not since the "A" series in 2008. For future reference, please state what other model TVs you own (if you will be referring back to them) in order for us to be able to better help you.


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