How to keep control setting to stay.

My LED indicating light is always on. I followed the manual instruction page 63 and set the light to "off". The next time when I turn on the TV, the light comes back on again. After turning off the TV, the light remains on until I redo the setting procedure again. There is no instruction as to how to save the setting to make it stay that way. How can I turn the light off and keep it off?

wkfong wrote

Once the setting is changed it should stay, unless your TV is in Demo mode. If you press the info button on your remote and the message "Store Demo" appears in the middle of the TV then your TV is in Demo Mode. There are 3 different ways to remove a TV from Demo Mode. 1) Press the Vol + button on your remote. 2) While the Volume wheel is displayed on the screen immediately press and hold the Menu button on the TV for 7 seconds (The menu will appear whil you do this, continue to hold the button). 3) The screen should flicker for a second and the word "Dynamic" should appear for a second. Your TV will now be out of Demo Mode. These next methods will reset all the settings in the TV back to factory defaults. If you do not want to lose your settings do not use these methods. Plug & Play 1) Set the TV to the TV source. 2) Press MENU and use the arrows to select Setup, and then press ENTER. 3) Select Plug & Play and then press ENTER. (This will be grayed out if you are not on the TV source) 4) Follow the onscreen instructions. Select Home Mode when the option is presented. Factory reset 1) With the TV on aim the remote at the TV and hold the EXIT button down for 12 seconds. 2) Follow the onscreen instructions. 3) Select home mode when the option is presented.


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