How to fix flashing between shots?

During some shows there is a bad flash frame problem during cuts. For example there seems to be like a frame or two of video everytime there is an edit espically during comedy shows. I have watched Seinfeld several times off satelite and local tv in hd and it still happens. It is like the tv cannot catch up to the next image. Dvds seem fine but programming from digital antenna or satelite continues to have these flash frames during cuts in certain programming. Any fixes or ideas, I think I’ve tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to work. I never had a problem with my projection tv that I replaced and all the other equipment is the same.

Anonymous wrote

Although i don’t have a solid solution for you, I can try to help you out here. You may want to try to turn off the automotion plus/120Hz option while on the cable TV source. Most likely there is not enough information for the TV to use in order to upconvert the signal to 120Hz.


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