How do I turn on pip if its not highlighted.

I can’t even select it in my menu. I can see the letters pip but they are not highlighted like other options.

kath1234 wrote

PiP 1-tuner systems only allow for one cable connection to be shown at a time on the screen. In order to connect it up, you will need a hard line going into the TV (cable coax) and an active secondary connection (HDMI, component, PC). To activate it, either head into the TV’s menu or click the Tools button on the remote control. Again, you will need both a coax connection and a secondary input connection in order to properly activate and view PiP on your set (PiP will only be available while on the secondary source). If your option is grayed out, this means that one of the required connections is not active and connected properly. Please refer to your manual for more details.


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