How do I make a composite cable connection?

I recently purchased the PN50B860 television and discovered that I cannot connect the television to my home entertainment system. My receiver is an Integra 7.2 receiver that does not have a HDMI connection. I plan on contacting Integra for a work around solution to this problem. In the meantime I would like to know if Samsung has explored this issue during the design of the television when it was decided that they would create the product without a composite connection? Please help. I would really like to use my existing A/V equipment with this wonderful television.

Anonymous wrote

Yes, you can make a composite connection (also refered to as AV – audio/video) on the 860, however it would be better if you used a component cable with additional audio cables. When you look at the back of the TV the composite/component connections are lined up together. I believe the order from left to right is: AV Red -AV White – Component Red – Component Blue – Component Green – AV Yellow With this in mind, if you were using a composite connection, you would connect to the AV Yellow for the picture and the AV Red and AV White for the left/right sound. That will pass all the info you need directly to the TV. If you don’t care about sound on the TV itself, you can simple connect the AV yellow all the way on the right-hand side and be done with it. However, be aware that this is THE WORST possible connection you can make. If your receiver has a component out connection, that would be the best case (without HDMI as you already stated your receiver doesn’t support). I don’t believe 1080p or even 720p (i could be wrong about that) can be passed through a Composite cable, so don’t expect the best out of your picture.


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