Difference between the PN58C6500 and PN58C6400

Wanted some clarification on the difference which i do not think got properly addressed in a previous question. The summary of features on your website page (http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/tv-video/televisions/plasma-tv/index.idx?pagetype=subtype) summarizes the key differences. The C6500 shows a depth of 1.4" whereas the C6400 shows a depth of 2.8". Is this true? Either Mr. Samsung’s earlier response (shown below) is not accurate or your website’s summary of features page is wrong in relation to these models. Please help clarify this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A: There is actually only two differences between the C6500 and C6400 Plasma TVs. 1. The C6400 is a Warehouse Club exclusive, while the C6500 can be found at most electronics retailers. 2. The C6400 offers a different bezel to the C6500 All other features and stats are the same between these two models.

Anonymous wrote

The information I have previously provided is the correct information and represents the only differences between these two models. Thank you for bringing this to my attention though, I will have the dimensions corrected asap.


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