Can you watch in full screen for HD channels?

All HD channels are displayed in widescreen only. How can you watch HD channels in full screen?

Anonymous wrote

Thanks for the question. Most, if not all, HD programing will be displayed in a 16:9 aspect ratio, or also called widescreen. If you would like to view your HD programing in a full screen (4:3) aspect ratio, head into the TV’s menu then into the Picture sub-menu. Once there, scroll down to the "Picture Options" option and click into it. In this new screen, you will see the "Size" option. Click into this option and you will be given different sizes you can set your screen to. For Fullscreen viewing press 4:3. If you would like the picture to fill the entire screen, you can choose Screen Fit or Wide Fit or even 16:9. You will have to adjust the settings to your liking since each cable provider sends their signal a little bit differently.


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