allshare and external hard drives?

I am having a problem with allshare. Much of my media is stored on an external drive connected to my computer. I am able to share folders that are stored on my computer’s internal hard drive, but not folders that are stored on my computer’s external hard drive. Is there a way around this issue? I know I could plug the external drive into the TV, but I’d rather not move that drive back and forth all the time. I suppose a second question would be: If I left the external drive connected to the TV, is there a way to download (or ftp) to that drive from my computer?

tgrhein wrote

I would suspect that if you access your hard drive on your computer, and then plug your computer into the pci port, you would be able to control what is on the screen via your computer keyboard. In other words, I believe the TV would function as a monitor.


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